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About the EPS Prescription Tracker

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Prescription Tracker allows staff working at prescribing and dispensing sites to check the status of a prescription.

About the electronic prescription tracker

The latest version of the electronic prescription tracker (September 2017) introduces a new 'Business Continuity Mode', which allows users to view prescription information such as medication details. This can be used to aid clinical decision making when the pharmacy dispensing system is not available, but the site still have an N3/HSCN connection.

Business Continuity Mode should only be used when the site is in a real business continuity situation:

  • Business Continuity Mode is accessed using new 'Change Mode' feature
  • it provides access to prescription content information (some functionality is unavailable to locum users)
  • a Spine alert is generated and sent to the governance person of the affected site each time Business Continuity Mode is entered, providing robust data security

It also includes the following new features:

  • personal declaration confirming responsibility for entering Business Continuity Mode 
  • locum 'find a site' feature
  • enhanced level of information on patient, organisation and prescription details
  • a 'search for a patient' feature, which can be used to find an NHS Number

Information for system suppliers, NHS Area Teams and Clinical Support Units (CSUs)

The tightened RBAC controls may mean that your Registration Authority (RA) sponsor may need to take action to ensure existing users retain access.

All system supplier, Area Team and CSU users who require access to the tool will require users to have one of the following activities included in their user role profile:

  • B0278 'Perform Prescription Preparation' 
  • B0570 'Perform Pharmacy Activities'
  • prescribing system supplier organisations - have B0278 added to their user role profile
  • dispensing system supplier organisations - have B0570 added to their user role profile
  • NHS Area Team or CSU organisations - have B0570 added to their user role profile

No action is needed for users in prescribing and dispensing sites.

Electronic prescription tracker support

If you have any problems with the tracker, please contact your EPS System Supplier.

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