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Reviewing advice and guidance request - NHS e-Referral Service

A quick reference guide for clinicians on how to respond to an advice and guidance requests in the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS).

Log in

  1. Log in to e-RS and select your role
  2. Click on the 'Worklists' tab

Filtering results

  1. Use the drop-down arrow on ‘Worklist Type’ to select the ‘Advice and Guidance Requests’ worklist
  2. Using the filters select the required service, specialty, clinician and/or location you wish to review

screen shot of an e-RS filter screen

  1. Select ‘Load results’
  2. Advice and guidance requests (UBRNs) will be displayed
  3. You can select ‘Hide filters’ to allow more space for your loaded advice and guidance requests

Note: Filtering referrals helps to return search results quicker

Reviewing advice and guidance requests

  1. The displayed results can be sorted using the column headers

screen shot of a displayed results of advice and guidance requests

Note: The status column identifies if the clinician needs to action the request (‘Provider Response Required’) or if information is waiting to be returned from the referrer (‘Referrer To Submit Further Information’).

  1. Open an appropriate advice and guidance, by selecting the UBRN (unique booking reference number). This will present the ‘Advice Request Details’ screen and display the advice information

screen shot of an opened advice and gudance request

  1. Review the advice and guidance information, including any attachments which may be embedded in the advice conversation or attached in the left-hand column under advice request details
  2. Reply to the advice and guidance request, including adding attachments if required, by selecting ‘Add Attachment’

Note: You can copy and paste into an advice and guidance response (and/or vice-versa), by highlighting the required text and using Ctrl C (copy) and Ctrl V (Paste).

  1. If you require further information from the referrer, specify the information required and tick the ‘I require further information box’
  2. If no further information is required, choose ‘Return to referrer with advice’, and select the intended outcome option

Note: When returning to referrer with advice, you will be required to select one of the four options, indicating your intent. This is for audit purposes only and the information can be found in the AG01 enquiry.

The advice and guidance request will remain on your worklist if you choose the ‘I require further information box’ option. Selecting ‘Return to referrer with advice’ will remove the request from your worklist.

Each provider response will return the request back to the referrer and appear on their worklist; the referrer can then choose to either close or to continue with the conversation.

screen shot of advice and guidance detail conversation screen

Last edited: 3 April 2020 10:44 am