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Logging on to use NHS Identity for the Data Landing Portal (IF-DLP)

Logging in

In your browser, go to: (or click on the shortcut if you have one).

You will be greeted with a login screen.

CIS 2 login screen


Enter your registered email address and click Continue.

You will then receive an email from NHS Identity containing a 6 digit passcode.

Enter this passcode on the login screen and click Continue.

The first time you log on to IF-DLP, the system will ask you to confirm that it can access some of your NHS Identity information.

NHS Identity for Data Landing Portal authenticate for data landing portal

Click Allow to continue.

You will then be presented with the DLP screen which will allow you to choose which organisation you will be sending data on behalf of.  There is usually only one choice.

Data Landing Portal login screen

Select the appropriate role/org and then click select role.

You will then be presented with the DLP.

Logging on to use IF-DLP (Process Flow)

If you

  • have problems registering for an NHS Identity account, or 
  • have problems logging in
  • get locked out of your account,
  • need to change any of your registration details,
  • are having problems with DLP itself  

contact your DSCRO via telephone or email. If you have any feedback on the NHS Identity registration process or the log in process, please let us know via email

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