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Data sharing standard 11 - Territory of Use

This standard is part of a series of guidance documents to support the various stages of a DARS application. 

Standard description

The territory of use describes the geographical area in which data processing is permitted under the data sharing agreement. 

Processing means an operation or set of operations performed on information. For the avoidance of doubt, storage of data is considered to be a type of processing1.

  1. All data sharing agreements must state the territory of use.
  2. The territory of use must cover all processing locations (see standard on Data processing).
  3. Adequate security assurance must be provided for all processing locations (see standard on Security).
  4. Processing outside the EEA is only permitted where additional conditions have been met in relation to the proposed processing location2.

Please note that this standard will be updated shortly for requirements where cloud storage/processing is occurring.

Data Protection Act 2018, Part 1, Section 3(4)(a)

2 General Data Protection Regulation, Chapter 5, Art. 44-50

Last edited: 19 August 2019 8:09 am