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Creating a new NHS England: NHS England and NHS Digital merged on 1 February 2023. More about the merger.

Introduction of a provisional submission window model to the Maternity Services Data Set webinar

About the event

NHS England (NHS Digital merged with NHS England on 1 February 2023) is moving to a provisional and final processing submission model for the Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS). This change will be introduced in May 2023 for the submission of April 2023 data. 

Your data submissions should continue as is, based on monthly reporting periods. There is no change to the overall submission length or to the method of submission.

The main difference is that NHS England will process submissions at 2 points during the existing 2-month reporting window. Submissions made in the first month of the reporting window will be processed as the provisional submission of the respective reporting period and will produce provisional statistics.

At the end of the second month, NHS England will run final processing on submissions for final national analysis and reporting purposes.

This webinar will provide you with information on the revised submission model, and what this means for submitting organisations.

Target audience

  • MSDS data providers
  • system suppliers


To ensure this webinar is beneficial to you, please send any questions via email to with the subject ‘MSDS Provisional Submission Model Webinar by Thursday 2 March.