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Rapid Cancer Registration Data set (RCRD)

The Rapid Cancer Registration Data set (RCRD) data set that provides a quicker, indicative source of cancer data compared to the gold standard registration process.

About RCRD

The Rapid Cancer Registration Data set contains proxy tumour registrations and some associated events on the cancer patient pathway (e.g. surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) from January 2018 to the most recently available data on cancer diagnoses. This rapid data set provides a quicker, indicative source of cancer data compared to the gold standard registration process, which relies on additional data sources, enhanced follow-up with trusts and expert processing by cancer registration officers. Due to the lower quality of the rapid registration data, the data will not match the eventual National Statistics published on the full registration data.

A webinar on the new RCRD data set exploring its purpose, structure, and data quality overview is available on the our YouTube channel. 

Data access and data dictionary

The rapid cancer registrations data is available to request through the Data Access Request Service.

rapid cancer registration data dictionary should be completed by prospective applicants. 

Data quality reports

The team produces a monthly data quality report, which provides a full explanation of the creation methodology and data quality caveats (due to the rapid automated creation process without additional data curation) behind this dataset is available for each monthly snapshot of the data.

These can be downloaded from the resources section of this page.

Using RCRD to measure stage

The team have also created guidance on using the RCRD to measure progress against the 75% staging ambition

RCRD treatment dashboard

The National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) is providing regular releases of the rapid cancer registration data in the rapid cancer registration and treatment dashboards. These dashboards provide monthly estimates of the number of diagnoses of cancer, the volume of surgical tumour resection procedures undertaken and the proportion of patients receiving a surgical tumour resection, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, at England level. The data is broken down by cancer group and patient or tumour factors: age, sex, deprivation, ethnicity, Route to Diagnosis, stage at diagnosis or cancer alliance.

To find out more, select from the links or open the dashboard below:

  • publicly via CancerData
  • secure access via CancerStats2 (opens in a new window) - this version also provides data broken down by trust at diagnosis Please note that this platform requires an N3/HSCN secure network connection. To ensure the best user experience, we encourage the use of modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge to access the platform. A small number of platform users have reported issues when opening reports using Internet Explorer.

In England-level summary spreadsheet was previously published, providing the number of diagnoses of cancer and volume of surgical tumour resection procedures undertaken, by cancer group and month. This was published several times in early 2021, but these will not be updated. For reference, the previous releases of this spreadsheet are available from our legacy website.

Feedback and support

We are here to help and value feedback and suggestions for how we can improve RCRD. 

If you need any help or support or queries regarding reporting or access to this data, please contact the team at [email protected]


Please select the data quality reports you would like to download from the list below:

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