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National Record Locator - FHIR API

Locate and access patient information shared by other healthcare organisations using the National Record Locator (NRL) FHIR API. 


Use this API to locate and access patient information shared by other healthcare organisations, to support the direct care of those patients, using the National Record Locator (NRL).

As a "provider" who holds information about patients, you can:

  • create a pointer in the NRL to your information
  • replace your NRL pointer with a newer pointer, superseding the old one
  • update your NRL pointer status to "entered in error"
  • delete your NRL pointer to this information

As a "consumer" who needs access to the patient information being shared by providers, you can:

  • search for information by parameters including information ID, patient, information provider, information type,  or number of matching results
  • retrieve an NRL pointer and access the information

There is a growing list of health and social care organisations authorised to share records using NRL.

For more details, see the National Record Locator for developers and the Introduction to the National Record Locator.

API status

This API is in beta.


This API is a FHIR API.

Specifically, it is based on the  HL7 FHIR STU3 Messaging Implementation.

For more details, see FHIR.

Network access

You need a Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) connection to use this API.

For more details, see Network access for APIs.


For a full list of interactions for this API, see the Development Overview.

For details on the general structure of the interactions, see FHIR.

Last edited: 6 September 2021 2:16 pm