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Clinical Document Architecture API standards

API standards to send and receive Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) messages and share information in a clinically safe way.

These API standards are deprecated so we discourage their use for new applications. 


Use these API standards to send and receive a Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) message.


These API standards are deprecated so we discourage their use for new applications. 


These API standards use HL7 CDA.


For details of the CDA standards, see the Interoperability Toolkit 2 Messaging API standards.

For details of interactions with CDA on FHIR England - document header, see the CDA On FHIR England - Document Header

For details of interactions with the CDA structured headings model, see the structured headings model specification.

For details of interactions with Non-Coded CDA, for use when no other specific document profile exists, see the Non-Coded CDA Document Domain Message Specification download below. Non-coded CDA standards use the following MESH workflow IDs:

MESH workflow ID Purpose
UNCOD_DMS  Non-coded CDA document
UNCOD_DMS_ACK Non-coded CDA document acknowledgement
UNCOD_DMS_CL  Non-coded CDA clinical letter
UNCOD_DMS_CL_ACK  Non-coded clinical letter acknowledgement


Click to download the zip file and extract all the files into a folder on your local PC. 

Select the index file to view the API standard.

Last edited: 14 September 2023 5:14 pm