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Statistics on Smoking, England 2020

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Statistics on Smoking, England 2020

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This report presents newly published information on smoking including:

  • Smoking-related hospital admissions from NHS Digital's Hospital Episode Statistics (HES).
  • Smoking-related deaths from Office for National Statistics (ONS) mortality statistics.
  • Prescription items used to help people stop smoking from prescribing data held by NHS Prescription Services.
  • Affordability of tobacco and expenditure on tobacco using ONS economic data.

Two new years of data have been provided for hospital admissions (2018/19 and 2019/20) and deaths (2018 and 2019) and one year of data for prescribing (2018/19) and affordability and expenditure (2019).

The report also provides links to information on smoking by adults and children drawn together from a variety of sources. 

Key facts cover the latest year of data available:

  • Hospital admissions: 2019/20
  • Deaths: 2019
  • Prescriptions: 2019/20

Key Facts

506,100 hospital admissions attributable to smoking

Similar to 2018/19 but 10% higher than 2009/10 when it was 461,700

74,600 deaths attributable to smoking

Decrease of 3% from 2018 (77,000) and 9% from 2009 (82,000)

710 thousand prescription items to help people stop smoking dispensed

Decrease of 4% from 2018/19 (740 thousand) and 71% from 2009/10 (2.48 million)

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