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Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, England 2021

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Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, England 2021


This report presents newly published information on obesity-related hospital admissions and the number of prescription items provided in primary care for the treatment of obesity.

The report also provides links to information on obesity, physical activity and diet from a variety of sources, including the Health Survey for England, the National Diet and Nutrition Survey and Sport England’s Active Lives surveys.

Additionally, a data visualisation tool (link provided below) allows users to select the obesity-related hospital admissions data for any Local Authority (as contained in the data tables), along with time series data from 2013/14. Regional and national comparisons are also provided.

Key facts cover latest year of data available: 2019/20 for hospital admissions and 2020 for prescriptions

10,780 hospital admissions directly attributable to obesity

A decrease of 3% on 2018/19, when there were 11,117 admissions

Just over 1 million (1,022 thousand) hospital admissions where obesity was a factor

An increase of 17% on 2018/19, when there were 876 thousand (see part 1 for data quality information relevant to this measure)

294 thousand items prescribed for the treatment of obesity

A decrease of 17% on 2019, when there were 355 thousand

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