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Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, England, 2020

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Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, England, 2020


This report presents information on obesity, physical activity and diet drawn together from a variety of sources for England. More information can be found in the source publications which contain a wider range of data and analysis. Each section provides an overview of key findings, as well as providing links to relevant documents and sources. Some of the data have been published previously by NHS Digital.

A data visualisation tool (link provided within the key facts) allows users to select obesity related hospital admissions data for any Local Authority (as contained in the data tables), along with time series data from 2013/14. Regional and national comparisons are also provided.

The report includes information on:

  • Obesity related hospital admissions, including obesity related bariatric surgery.
  • Obesity prevalence.
  • Physical activity levels.
  • Walking and cycling rates.
  • Prescriptions items for the treatment of obesity.
  • Perception of weight and weight management.
  • Food and drink purchases and expenditure.
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption.

Key facts cover the latest year of data available:

  • Hospital admissions: 2018/19
  • Adult obesity: 2018
  • Childhood obesity: 2018/19
  • Adult physical activity: 12 months to November 2019
  • Children and young people's physical activity: 2018/19 academic year 

11,117 hospital admissions directly attributable to obesity

An increase of 4% on 2017/18, when there were 10,660 admissions

876 thousand hospital admissions where obesity was a factor

An increase of 23% on 2017/18, when there were 711 thousand admissions (see part 1 for data quality information relevant to this measure).

The majority of adults were overweight or obese; 67% of men and 60% of women.

This included 26% of men and 29% of women who were obese.

20% of year 6 children were classified as obese

Prevalence was over twice as high in the most deprived areas than the least deprived areas.

67% of adults were considered active (as per government guidelines)

47% of children and young people were meeting the current physical activity guidelines

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