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Routine Quarterly Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHMDS) Reports - Final Q4 2011-2012 and Provisional Q1 2012-2013, Summary statistics and related information

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Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Wales, England
Geographical Granularity:
Country, Mental Health Trusts, Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Independent Sector Health Care Providers, Primary Care Organisations, Clinical Commissioning Groups
Date Range:
01 Jan 2012 to 30 Jun 2012


Mental Health Minimum Data Set (MHMDS) is a regular return of data from providers of NHS funded adult secondary mental health services, produced during in the course of delivering services to patients. Providers currently submit data every quarter. From Quarter 1 2011/12, a new version of MHMDS (version 4) includes new data items and is processed using a new system. Some of the changes have been introduced to support the implementation of of Payment by Results for mental health.

Note: Incomplete reference data was used in the production of the data quality measure (DQM9) for NHS Occupation Code, which means that the published measure for Q1, Q2 and Q3 final quarterly data, for this measure, are unreliable.  The reference data has been updated for the Q4 reports.


Southwark PCT (5LE) was not able to submit a quarter 1 provisional Community Mental Health Activity return. This is likely to have had a negligible effect on England totals for each indicator, but a more pronounced effect on London Strategic Health Authority totals. Please see the background data quality report for further details.

Key Facts

In MHMDS Q4 Final (January to March) 2011/12 and Q1 Provisional (April to June) 2012/13 data:

  • Data Quality Measures for the MHMDS are now being published for both Provisional and Final data whereas before they were just published for Provisional data
  • All NHS providers are now successfully making submissions in the new version 4 format of the MHMDS
  • Further experimental statistics are included in this release with some by new breakdowns by PCT (commissioner) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). These include analysis of admissions, discharges and uses of the Mental Health Act.

In Community MHA Q4 Final (January to March) 2011/12 and Q1 Provisional (April to June) 2012/13 data:

  • The number of home treatment episodes year to date was 30,912
  • The number of assessments by Crisis Resolution teams year to date was 64,285
  • The number of patients receiving Home Treatment year to date was 28,010
  • The number of patients being treated by Early Intervention teams was 21,178
  • The number of people receiving Assertive Outreach services in was 19,390


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