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National Quality and Outcomes Framework Statistics for England - 2004-05

Official statistics
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GP practices, Sub-Integrated Care Boards, Integrated Care Boards, Regions, Country
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01 Apr 2004 to 31 Mar 2005


This bulletin presents a summary of data from the national Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), which was implemented in General Medical Service (GMS) and Personal Medical Service (PMS) practices from April 2004. The figures are derived from the Quality, Prevalence and Indicator Database (QPID), held by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. QPID data is obtained from the Quality Management Analysis System (QMAS), a national system that uses data from general practices to calculate individual practices' QOF achievement.

QOF information

If you are new to the QOF, please read our introduction to the QOF page.

Notes on 2004/05 QOF

The notes explain the source of the data, and contain detail on aspects of data coverage and data completeness. There are important notes about practices in specific primary care trust (PCT) areas. Please read these notes before undertaking any analysis of the detailed QOF data.

2004/05 QOF Data - Data Tables

Detailed spreadsheets are available for all components of the QOF, including achievement for specific chronic diseases. The spreadsheets are available at the level of general practice, primary care trust (PCT), and strategic health authority (with an England summary).


In 2004/05

Data on prevalence in 11 disease areas was collected from 8,486 practices in England. Highest recorded prevalence was for hypertension (11.3% of patients registered within these practices).

The average QOF points achieved by general practices was 958.7 points, representing 91.3% of the total 1,050 points available.

The average points achieved for the clinical domain was 507.7 points (92.3% of the maximum 550 points available). The clinical indicators account for 52.4% of the total 1,050 available.


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