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Prescribing for Diabetes in England - 2005/06 to 2010/11

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Country, Primary Care Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Primary Care Organisations
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01 Apr 2005 to 31 Mar 2011


This report is the latest in a series of publications on diabetes by The NHS Information Centre. It covers the period 2005/06 to 2010/11.


  • Diabetes prevalence in England increased from 3.6 per cent in 2005/6 to 4.3 per cent in 2009/10.
  • 'Drugs for diabetes' is the BNF section of highest cost and greatest increase in cost in primary care in England over the last year.
  • In 2010/11 there were 38.3 million items prescribed for diabetes at a net ingredient cost of £725.1 million.
  • Prescribing for diabetes accounted for 4.1 per cent of items and 8.4 per cent of the total cost of prescribing in 2010/11 compared with 3.7 per cent and 6.6 per cent in 2005/6.
  • Use of oral antidiabetic metformin rose from 8.6 million items in 2005/6 to 14.6 million items in 2010/11. This follows NICE's recommendation that this drug should be first choice for oral therapy.

Administrative Sources

NHS BSA, Quality and Outcomes Framework,ePACT, QOF, NDA


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