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GP Practice Prescribing Chemical-level Data - July 2012

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Open data
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Geographic coverage:
United Kingdom
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Date range:
01 Jul 2012 to 31 Jul 2012


Note: Due to the large file size (over 500MB) standard spreadsheet applications may not be able to handle the volumes of data contained in the monthly data sets. Data users will need to analyse the information using specialist data-handling software.

What does the data cover?

General practice prescribing data is a list of all medicines, dressings and appliances that are prescribed and dispensed each month. A record will only be produced when this has occurred and there is no record for a zero total.

For each practice in England, the following information is presented at chemical level for each medicine (by chemical name), dressing and appliance;

  • the total number of items prescribed and dispensed
  • the total net ingredient cost
  • the total actual cost

The data covers NHS prescriptions written in England and dispensed in the community in the UK. Prescriptions written in England but dispensed outside England are included. The data includes prescriptions written by GPs and other non-medical prescribers (such as nurses and pharmacists) who are attached to GP practices.

GP practices are identified only by their national code, so an additional data file - linked to the first by the practice code - provides further detail in relation to the practice.

Key facts

Prescribing data (chemical level) by GP practice

This data was released for the first time in December 2011, and provided information relating to September 2011, with subsequent data released monthly thereafter. Data from June 2010 onwards is also being made available.

NOTE: The address file for September 2011 released on 14 December contained erroneous information in the 7th column (the one prior to the postcode) for approximately 3,000 of the 10,000 practices in the file. We are not aware of any other problems with the original file. This error has been corrected and the file replaced on 13 January 2012.


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