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Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey - England, 2011-2012, Provisional

Official statistics, Survey
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Country, Regions, Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs), Local Authorities
Date Range:
01 Apr 2011 to 31 Mar 2012


Provisional Results from the 2011-12 Adult Social Care Survey.

As with all provisional figures these may not be fully accurate, and will be finalised in the publication in December 2012. We are aware of the following:

01/10/12 Results for Cumbria are slightly inaccurate due to the omission of some records.

Key Facts

  • 27 per cent of respondents reported their quality of life was so good, it could not be better or very good (up 1 percentage point from 2010-11), 31 per cent reported it was good and 31 per cent also reported it was "alright". However, 7 per cent reported their quality of life was bad and the remaining 3 per cent reported their quality of their life was very bad or so bad, it could not be worse which was unchanged from 2010-11.
  • The average score for the Social Care Related Quality of Life was 18.7 (unchanged from 2010-11) out of a maximum possible score of 24. This is a composite measure calculated using a combination of questions which cover 8 different outcome domains relating to quality of life.
  • 63 per cent of service users who responded said that they were extremely or very satisfied with the care and support services they receive which was similar to 2010-11. 27 per cent said they were quite satisfied, 6 per cent said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and the remaining 4 per cent said they were dissatisfied.
  • 30 per cent reported they have as much control as they want over their daily life which was unchanged from 2010-11. 45 per cent reported they have adequate control, 20 per cent reported they have some control but not enough and 5 per cent reported they had no control. All of these figures are the same as 2010-11.
  • 65,600 out of a sample of 164,300 recipients of care and social care services responded to the survey, which is a response rate of 40 per cent (down 1 percentage point from 2010-11).


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