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Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) - England, 2011, Results

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01 Jan 2011 to 31 Jul 2011


Note:One hospital's result in the PEAT Environment category has been found to need revision from 'Acceptable' to 'Good' (as a result of the provision of incorrect initial data by the Trust). The figures shown in the publication document have not been revised since neither the actual numbers in each category, nor the hospital's individual results are included, and the percentages shown in the publication are not affected. The hospital's individual results are included in the supporting Excel/CSV tables which have been amended accordingly (24 October 2011).

These are the 2011 results from the annual Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) assessments undertaken by NHS and independent healthcare providers in respect of hospitals with 10 or more in-patient beds. This assessment focusses on the environment in which care is provided and the quality of non-clinical services such as food and privacy and dignity.

Key Facts

  • There has been an improvement across all categories in both the NHS and Independent sectors with a rise in the number of hospitals rated as Excellent
  • There has been a fall in the number of hospitals rated as Poor in any category across both the NHS and Independent sectors from 5 to 2
  • No hospitals were rated as Unacceptable in any category in either NHS or Independent sectors


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