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NICE Technology Appraisals in the NHS in England (Innovation Scorecard): to December 2016

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Country, Regions, Integrated Care Boards, Sub-Integrated Care Boards, NHS Trusts
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01 Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2016


The Innovation Scorecard reports on the use of medicines and medical technologies in the NHS in England, which have been positively appraised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) since 2012.

NHS Digital has produced and published the Innovation Scorecard quarterly as an Official Statistic since January 2013 on behalf of the Office for Life Sciences. It can be used by local NHS organisations to monitor progress in implementing NICE Technology Appraisal (TA) recommendations.

We produce the scorecard using a range of data sources from two to five years prior to publication and no central data collection is involved.

Medical technologies on the Innovation Scorecard were suspended pending the development of an inclusion criterion. This has now been established and this release sees the reintroduction of 5 medical technologies with updated data and refreshed methodologies from the previously published medical technologies.

We are keen to receive feedback on satisfaction with different aspects of the Innovation Scorecard and we would be grateful if you could spare 5-10 minutes of your time to complete a short survey.

Open the new web platform tool to access the data.

Latest Data to December 2016


See key points infographic below.


Dashboard accessibility  

The Innovation Scorecard power BI dashboard tool is in Microsoft PowerBI which does not fully support all accessibility needs.. If you need further assistance, please contact us for help.

Administrative Sources

• English Prescribing Dataset (EPD) published by the NHS Business Services Authority • Secondary Care Medicines Data (SCMD) published by the NHS Business Services Authority • Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data from NHS England • Population data from Office for National Statistics


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