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NHS Workforce Statistics, December 2017

Official statistics
Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
NHS Trusts, Primary Care Organisations, Hospital Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, Community health services, Primary Care Trusts, Regional health body, Care Trusts, Hospital and Community Health Services, Regions, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Education England Region
Date Range:
30 Sep 2009 to 31 Dec 2017


This report shows provisional monthly numbers of NHS Hospital and Community Health Service (HCHS) staff groups working in Trusts and CCGs in England (excluding primary care staff). Data is available as headcount and full-time equivalents.

This data is an accurate summary of the validated data extracted from the NHS's HR and Payroll system. It has a provisional status as the data may change slightly over time where trusts make updates to their live operational systems.

In addition to the regular monthly reports there are a series of quarterly reports (first published on 26 July 2016 looking at the data for March 2016) which include statistics on staff in Trusts and CCGs and information for NHS Support Organisations and Central Bodies. 

The quarterly analysis will be published each;
September (showing June statistics)
December (showing September statistics)
March (showing December statistics)
June (showing March statistics).

Note: From March 2017 these quarterly reports will also include statistics on;
i) Bank staff employed directly by trusts and paid through the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) pay and human resources system (as covered by our consultation on NHS workforce statistics). They are exploratory and experimental statistics.
ii) The nationality of staff (previously published every six months) showing quarterly figures from September 2015 onwards.

CSV data is available for every month back to September 2009 within the March 2016 report. Due to their size they are broken down into several files. A link to the March 2016 data is given in the 'Related Links' section below. Additional healthcare workforce data relating to GPs and Independent Sector workforce are also available; links to this data are available below. 

We welcome feedback on the methodology and tables within this publication. Please email us with your comments and suggestions, clearly stating Monthly HCHS Workforce as the subject heading, via or 0300 303 5678

Key Facts

In December 2017:

  • The headcount was 1,198,238 in December 2017. This is 4,568 (0.4 per cent) less than the previous month (1,202,806) and 20,869 (1.8 per cent) more than in December 2016 (1,177,369).
  • The full time equivalent (FTE) total was 1,057,900 in December 2017. This is 4,001 (0.4 per cent) less than the previous month (1,061,902) and 18,835 (1.8 per cent) more than in December 2016 (1,039,065).
  • Professionally qualified staff make up over half (54.2 per cent) of the HCHS workforce (based on FTE).   


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