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NHS Staff Earnings, Estimates - April-June 2012

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01 Apr 2012 to 30 Jun 2012



Based upon payments to staff between April and June 2012 we present estimates of annual basic pay and total earnings for NHS staff groups (excluding GPs and high street dentists). We've taken pay data from all NHS organisations using the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) during the period. The methodology used to produce these estimates is available above.

This is the 22nd quarter of earnings estimates derived from the ESR data warehouse and is the last publication in the current series using the existing methodology. This publication also introduces tables marked provisional and experimental based on the proposed new methodology (see Annex A, B and C in the bulletin). We have also published the response to the public consultation that closed on 29 June 2012.

As expected with provisional data, some figures may be revised prior to the next publication as issues are uncovered and resolved, therefore the statistics using the existing methodology are the definitive earnings figures for this publication.

This will allow those who depend on the existing figures a little longer to prepare for the new methodology whilst providing the existing figures for immediate use. Part of the rationale is that we do not see the end of the consultation exercise as the end of the development of our publication and this structure provides users of these statistics further chance to enter into dialogue.

The aim is for the December publication of NHS Staff Earnings estimates to be solely based on the new methodology and to include an historic timeseries. All figures stated in this publication are based on the existing methodology.



Non-Medical support staff groups have seen increases of 1-2 per cent from the previous quarter in line with the Agenda for Change uplift for Bands 1 to 4 in April 2012:

  • Other staff groups have seen little change in basic pay from the previous quarter
  • Our response to the consultation feedback is published
  • Introduction of provisional and experimental statistics based on the proposed new methodology
  • New graphing tool allowing users to interpret pay distributions by staff group and SHA
  • New graphing tool is available on the website in Excel 2010 format, Excel 2003 versions are available on request.


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