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3.6.ii Proportion of older people (65 and over) who were offered rehabilitation following discharge from acute or community hospital

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17 Feb 2022
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Country, Local Authorities, Regions


The proportion of older people (aged 65 and over), expressed as a percentage, who are offered reablement services when they leave hospital.

This indicator measures the benefit to individuals from reablement, intermediate care and rehabilitation following a hospital episode, by determining how many individuals are offered rehabilitation services.

As of February 2021, please refer to the data tables published as part of the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) by NHS Digital. This publication is released on an annual basis.

A link to the ASCOF publication, within which the data is held, is available via the resource link below. From the publication page of the latest version, select the ‘Measures from the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework – England, 20XX-XX: Disaggregated outcomes measures’ excel spreadsheet.

The data for this indicator is contained within tab 2B(2): ‘The proportion of older people (aged 65ov) who received reablement/rehabilitation services after discharge from hospital’.

Local authority level time series data is impacted by structural changes such as mergers. In order to help users identify local authorities affected by any recent changes, a further link to the ONS geoportal wesbite has been provided.

Legacy unique identifier: P01768