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Childhood Vaccination Coverage Statistics- England, 2021-22

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National Statistics

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Childhood Vaccination Coverage Statistics- England, 2021-22


This statistical report, co-authored with the UK Health Security Agency (UKSHA), reports childhood vaccination coverage statistics for England in 2021-22.

Data relates to the routine vaccinations offered to all children up to the age of 5 years, derived from the Cover of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly (COVER). Additional information on children aged 2 and 3 vaccinated against seasonal flu are collected from GPs through UKHSA's ImmForm system.

Vaccine coverage in 2021-22 decreased compared to 2020-21.

Of the 13 vaccine coverage measures, where a comparable figure is available, coverage decreased. The decreases ranged from 0.2% to 1.1%

No vaccines met the 95% target

Coverage for the 5-in1 at 5 years decreased from 95.2% in 2020-21 to 94.4% in 2021-22.

MMR1 coverage remains below the 95% target*

MMR1 coverage at 24 months was 89.2% in 2021-22, a decrease from 90.3% in 2020-21.

MMR1 coverage at 5 years was 93.4% in 2021-22, a decrease from 94.3% the previous year.

PCV coverage at age 12 months increased compared to 2019-20

PCV coverage at 12 months was 93.8% in 2021-22. This is an increase from the last available coverage figure, 90.3%, in 2019-20.

PCV coverage data at 12 months was unavailable in 2020-21 due to a change in the schedule for this vaccine.

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