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NHS Dental Statistics for England, Quarter 4, 31 March 2007

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01 Apr 2006 to 31 Mar 2007


This is the fourth in the series of quarterly reports on NHS activity and workforce dental statistics following the introduction of the new contractual arrangements on 1 April 2006.

It does not cover all activity completed during 2006/07 as some activity is still to be reported and processed. The Information Centre will produce a report in August 2007 which will give a full picture of dental activity and workforce in 2006/07.

Key Facts

  • At 31 March 2007, 28.1 million patients had seen an NHS dentist in the previous 24 months. A breakdown by adults and children shows that of these 20.3 million patients seen were adults and 7.8 million were children in England. These figures show little change from the period ending 31 March 2006.
  • 55.7 per cent of the population had seen an NHS dentist in the previous 24-month period to 31 March 2007 comprising 51.5 per cent of adults and 70.7 per cent of children.
  • The proportion of the adult population seen in the previous 24 months varies amongst strategic health authority (SHA) areas ranging from 40.8 per cent in South Central SHA to 60.3 per cent in North East SHA. For children the proportion of the population seen in the previous 24 months varies from 65.3 per cent in London SHA to 73.7 per cent in South West SHA.
  • There were 10.1 million courses of treatment (CoTs) processed in the fourth quarter of the year which represents an increase of 800,000 since the third quarter (an increase of 8.6 per cent). This increase is mainly due to changes to BSA processing cycles in the fourth quarter which allowed more activity reports to be processed and included in the statistics. As in the previous three quarters, the highest number of CoTs in the fourth quarter were within Band 1.
  • Reported units of dental activity (UDAs) processed increased by 1.7 million to 21.3 million between the third and fourth quarters. This increase will include the effect of changes in processing cycles between the quarters. As with previous quarters, the highest proportion of reported UDAs processed during the fourth quarter were within Band 2.
  • The number of dentists on open NHS contracts as of 31 March 2007 is provisionally reported as 21,038 in England. There is a dentist on an open NHS contract for every 2,397 population at the end of the fourth quarter.
  • Detailed data at PCT and SHA level are included as annexes to this report (boundaries used as at 1 October 2006). Furthermore, a factsheet tool is available (see Annex 2), which provides all the detailed information in Annex 3 at the required PCT or SHA level.


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