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NHS Dental Statistics for England, Quarter 2, 30 September 2006

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01 Apr 2006 to 30 Sep 2006


This is the second in the series of quarterly reports on NHS activity and workforce dental statistics following the introduction of the new NHS dental contract on 1 April 2006. This report covers NHS dental treatment much of which is undertaken by high street dentists. It does not cover private work carried out by dentists.

Detailed data at PCT and SHA level are included as annexes to this report covering the first and second quarters. (Boundaries used as at 1 July 2006). Furthermore, a new factsheet tool is available, which provides all the information in the annexes at the required PCT or SHA level.

If you experience problems downloading any of these files, please e-mail

Key Facts

  • Reported activity is still affected by the transition from the previous dental system. However, activity in the second quarter is much less affected than in the first quarter.
  • NHS BSA processing cycles continued to impact on activity reported during the second quarter of the new contract. For example, some activity for July was reported in August and September and this is likely to continue to roll forward for subsequent months. However, this no longer affects the total volume of forms processed in the second quarter as in the first quarter.
  • There were 2,995 thousand NHS dental claim forms processed in July 2006. This drops to 2,835 thousand in August and increases again to 3,037 thousand in September 2006 in England. The total number of claim forms processed for the second quarter amounted to 8,867 thousand. Each form processed represents a Course of Treatment (CoT).
  • During September the highest proportion of CoT carried out are within Band 1 at 55 per cent followed by 30 per cent within Band 2 and 4 per cent within Band 3.
  • During September, Band 2 treatments account for the greatest proportion of UDA with 43 per cent of the total. Band 1 treatments account for 27 per cent of UDA, Band 3 for 24 per cent, urgent treatments for 5 per cent and other treatments types for 1 per cent.
  • As at 30 September 2006, over 28 million patients were seen by an NHS dentist in the last 24 months. This means that for every 1,000 people, 557 patients were seen by an NHS dentist in the last 24 months.
  • There are 20,285 dentists (performers) on open NHS contracts as at the end of September 2006. This shows an increase of 823 dentists since 30 June 2006. There is a dentist (on an open contract) for every 2,486 population at the end of the second quarter.


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