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NHS Dental Statistics for England Quarter 1: 30 June 2006

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01 Apr 2006 to 30 Jun 2006


This is the first in the series of quarterly reporting on NHS activity and workforce dental statistics following the introduction of the new NHS dental contract arrangements on 1 April 2006. This report covers NHS dental treatment undertaken by 'high street dentists'. It does not cover private work carried out by dentists. Detailed data at PCT and SHA level are included as annexes to this report. Boundaries used as at 1 July 2006.

Key Facts

  • The findings of the first quarter are limited given that the data compiled by the Dental Practice Division (DPD) of the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) is derived from NHS dental claim forms (FP17s) processed only in the first three months of the new contract.
  • The report on the first quarter is based on incomplete data as this is the period immediately following the introduction of the new contract. The data reported will be more complete in subsequent quarters as activity levels and the reporting cycle mature. Data in this report are not comparable with previous reports under the old contractual arrangements as definitions have changed.
  • Only 214.9 thousand NHS dental claim forms were processed in April 2006. This was due to the processing schedule of the claim forms and because more complex treatments take longer to carry out and be claimed for. The number of claim forms processed increased to 2,893.9 thousand in June 2006. The total number of claim forms processed for the first quarter amounted to 4,819.3 thousand - each form processed represents a course of treatment (CoT).
  • During April, May and June the highest proportion of CoT carried out were within Band 1 with 63 per cent, 60 per cent and 57 per cent of the total CoT respectively. By the end of the first quarter more forms were being processed and more complex treatment carried out as the proportion of Band 3 treatments increased from 2.2 per cent in April to 3.7 per cent in June 2006.
  • As at 30 June 2006, Band 2 treatments accounted for the greatest proportion of Units of Dental Activity (UDA) with 45 per cent of the total. Band 1 treatments accounted for 28 per cent, Band 3 for 22 per cent, urgent treatments for 4.0 per cent and other treatments types for 0.6 per cent of UDAs.
  • There were 19,462 dentists (performers) on open NHS contracts as at 30 June 2006. There is a dentist (on an open NHS contract) for every 2,591 population as at 30 June 2006.


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