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NHS Dental Statistics for England - 2014/15

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Geographic Coverage:
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Regions, Dental practices, Integrated Care Boards, Local Authorities
Date Range:
01 Apr 2014 to 31 Mar 2015


This annual report includes information on all patients that received NHS dental care in England for the 12-month period to 31 March 2015. Subjects covered include: dental activity, clinical treatment and dental workforce.


Information on the number of patients seen by an NHS dentist for the 24-month period to 30 June 2015 is also included.


This information is used by the Department of Health to inform government policy on NHS dentistry and by local NHS managers in the planning and delivery of local dental services.


3rd November 2015. The errors identified in map figures 1f, 2e and 4c on the 20th August 2015 have been corrected and the maps added back into the publication.


There was an error in labelling in the NHS Dental Statistics for England - 2014-15: Annex 4 (Activity) CSV file with paying patients recorded as non-paying patients and vice versa. The affected CSV file has been corrected and republished on 23rd October 2020 with the suffix _v2. Other files, including the summary tables in Annex 1, are unaffected.


  • A total of 30.0 million patients were seen in the 24 month period to 30 June 2015; a 6.7 per cent increase on the March 2006 baseline but a 0.2 per cent decrease on the previous quarter.
  • 39.6 million CoT were delivered in 2014/15; 149,692 (0.4 per cent) fewer than were delivered in 2013/14. With the exception of Band 1, which rose 1.6 per cent, all treatment bands decreased.
  • 23,947 dentists performed NHS activity during 2014/15. This is an increase of 224 (0.9 per cent) on 2013/14, and 3,787 (18.8 per cent) more than 2006/07.


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