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NHS Dental Statistics for England - 2012-13, First quarterly report

Official statistics
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Country, Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Organisations, Primary Care Trusts
Date Range:
01 Apr 2006 to 30 Sep 2012


Please note that figure 3b in the report shows data relating to adult patients seen as a percentage of the population, rather than total patients seen as a percentage of the population as stated in the chart title.

This quarterly report brings together information on NHS dental activity in England up to Q1 2012/13 and information on the number of patients seen by an NHS dentist, up to the second quarter of 2012/13.

Key Facts

  • A total of 29.6 million patients were seen in the 24 month period ending September 2012, an increase of 1.4 million on the March 2006 baseline.
  • The number of children seen by an NHS dentist is equal to the March 2006 baseline of 7.8 million although the percentage of children seen (68.9 per cent) is below the baseline (70.7 per cent).
  • There were an estimated 9.7 million Courses of Treatment (CoTs) in Q1 2012/13, a decrease of 103 thousand (1.1 per cent) on Q1 2011/12. CoTs rose for Band 3 and other treatment bands in 2012/13 compared to the corresponding quarter in 2011/12.



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