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NHS Dental Statistics for England, 2010-11, Third quarterly report

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Country, Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Organisations
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01 Apr 2006 to 31 Dec 2010


This quarterly report brings together information on NHS dental activity in England up to Q3 2010/11 and information on the number of patients seen by an NHS dentist, up to the fourth quarter of 2010/11.

Key facts

  • A total of 29.1 million patients were seen in the 24 month period ending March 2011, an increase of 967,000 on the March 2006 baseline.
  • The percentage of the population seen by an NHS dentist, at 56.2 per cent, for the first time exceeds the March 2006 level (55.8 per cent).
  • There were an estimated 9.4 million Courses of Treatment (CoTs) in Q3 2010/11, a decrease of 0.1 million (1.3 per cent) on Q3 2009/10, though CoTs did rise in band 3 and 'Urgent' treatment bands compared to the corresponding quarter in 2009/10.
  • There was an estimated 0.6 per cent decrease in Units of Dental Activity (UDAs) over the corresponding period.


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