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National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit - 2015, Annual Report

Audit, Open data
Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Wales, England
Geographical Granularity:
Country, Cancer networks, NHS Trusts, Hospital Trusts, NHS Health Boards
Date Range:
01 Apr 2012 to 31 Mar 2014


This is the 2015 Annual Report of the National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit (NOGCA).


The results presented in this report are based upon patients diagnosed with oesophago-gastric cancer between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2014.


Oesophago-gastric (O-G) cancer is currently the fifth most common cause of cancer in the UK affecting around 15,000 people each year, and fourth most common cause of cancer death. The overall five-year survival rate in England and Wales is approximately 15 per cent for both oesophageal and gastric cancer.


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