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National Diabetes Footcare Audit Hospital Admissions Report 2014-2016

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Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
Wales, England
Geographical Granularity:
Hospital and Community Health Services
Date Range:
14 Jul 2014 to 08 Apr 2016


For this report, patients in the National Diabetes Footcare Audit (NDFA) have been linked to hospital admissions data in England and Wales, allowing analysis of hospital inpatient activity during the 6 months following first expert assessment by the specialist foot care service.
The report includes: all hospital admissions, foot disease admissions, length of stay, revascularisation and amputation.

Key Facts


Hospital admissions
Almost half of all people with a new diabetic foot ulcer had at least one admission within 6 months of their earliest expert assessment recorded in the audit.

Ulcer severity
Those with severe ulcers at first expert assessment were more likely to have a hospital admission within six months, and to have admissions involving foot disease, revascularisation and amputation, than people with less severe ulcers.

Bed days
In the six months following their first expert assessment, people with diabetic foot ulcers recorded in the NDFA occupied 95,000 hospital bed days. Low NDFA case ascertainment suggests the total NHS figure is much higher.

Length of stay
The median length of hospital stays where foot disease, revascularisation or amputation were identified was over 7 days, rising to 15 days for vascular bypass and 25 days for major amputations.


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