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National Diabetes Audit, CCG Profiles, England - 2012-13: Report 1, O to S

Audit, Survey, Other reports and statistics
Publication Date:
Geographic Coverage:
England, Wales
Geographical Granularity:
NHS Trusts, GP practices, Integrated Care Boards, Regions
Date Range:
01 Jan 2012 to 31 Mar 2013


Local reports - breakdown of report 1 (Care Processes and Treatment Targets).


In addition to the National reports, the NDA has also produced CCG/LHB profile reports which present key CCG/LHB findings from the 2012-2013 audit for all age groups. The data used to produce the reports is extracted from GP practices in your CCG/LHB and is augmented by secondary care outpatient data. The data is validated, processed and analysed to measure compliance with the National Service Framework (NSF) for Diabetes and NICE quality standards.


The analysis contained in the CCG/LHB profile report is benchmarked against the national findings and provides some time trend analysis, allowing you to compare care and treatment results to findings from the 2011-2012 audit.


For further information and recommended actions for commissioners please refer to the National Diabetes Audit 2012-2013 Report 1: Care Processes and Treatment Targets.


An issue has been identified with approximately 17,000 records out of 2 million submitted nationally to the 2012-2013 National Diabetes Audit which equates to less than 1% of the total submitted overall.  It has been found that through an error in the data loading process these records were not included in the final analysis. The technical reason relates to an error in how the records extracted from the GP systems were transformed into the data used for analysis.


Initial investigations have confirmed that the National Publication is not materially affected. In some sub-national reports the care process and treatment target percentages are likely to be affected along with participation and those CCGs where we are aware of any substantial changes to the published data will be contacted directly.


We are still investigating exactly what impact including these records will have on the relevant sub-national reports it is therefore recommended that users use sub-national figures with caution until the revised figures are available.  We expect to re publish corrected sub national data in July 2015. The HSCIC apologises for any inconvenience caused.


The National Diabetes Audit identified an issue with data supplied to the HSCIC for the 2011-12 Audit, regarding HbA1c (blood glucose) recording across a number of practices. While this did not materially affect the findings in the National report, in November 2014 we removed the CCG level care process and treatment target reports covering potentially affected practices. 

The data which was identified in the issue above from the 2011-12 audit was included in 2012-13 Audit CCG reports without a data quality note. The affected reports have been updated with the following data quality note.

There has been an issue identified with data supplied to the HSCIC for the 2011-12 Audit, regarding HbA1c (blood glucose) recording across a number of practices in this CCG.  This does not materially affect the findings in the National report.  Caution should be taken when comparing data, for HbA1c and all eight care processes.

The issue does not affect the 2012-2013 data and is restricted only to the 2011-2012 data presented in Table 3, Figure 3, Figure 4, and Figure 5 in the CCG level reports for those affected.




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