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Report 1: Care Processes and Treatment Targets 2020-21, Full Report

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Executive Summary: Audit Participation

Executive Summary: Audit Participation

Primary care participation stood at 99.3% per cent in 2020-21 in England and Wales.

In all but six English Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Local Health Boards (LHBs) (107 of 113), GP practice participation was 95 per cent and over. Participation did not fall below 88 per cent in any CCG/LHB.

1081 specialist services participated in 2020-21 in England2.


•51 services submitted both the NDA core dataset and the insulin pump dataset
•9 services submitted only the insulin pump dataset
•48 services submitted only the NDA core dataset

Altogether, there are 138 NHS Acute Trusts in England, some of which have more than 1 hospital providing specialist diabetes care. Specialist services generally take the lead in care for Type 1 diabetes services and also often for younger people with Type 2 diabetes. More comprehensive involvement in the audit by specialist services is important as part of the drive to improve the care received by their patients.  


For more information on the level of participation in 2020-21 by CCG and LHB please see the participation summary accompanying this report here.


  1. One of the services had only a small number of adults with type 2 diabetes so is not included in this report
  2. 4 Welsh specialist services from 2 LHBs submitted insulin pump data to the NDA.

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