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[MI] NHS e-Referral Service Open Data


The NHS e-Referral Service Open Data set is anonymous summary data of the number of referrals, bookings and appointment slot issues (ASIs) per week per Integrated Care Board – sub group (ICB-sub group) level by specialty using the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)

The NHS e-Referral Service provides an easy way for patients to choose their first hospital or clinic appointment with a specialist. Bookings can be made by the patient online, using the telephone, or directly in the GP surgery at the time of referral. Under the NHS Standard Contract, all GPs in England use e-RS to make referrals to consultant-led outpatient services.

The data do not include those patients that have had a referral, booking or attempted booking outside of e-RS.

These data are being made available to allow for their use in public health – enabling more analysis, modelling and planning to be performed. The dataset will be updated on a monthly basis and feedback is welcome.

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