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[MI] Ethnic Category Coverage


Ethnicity is of particular interest in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic therefore NHS Digital have produced this Management Information (MI) which aims to inform users of the quality, coverage, and distribution of ethnic category recording within certain datasets held by NHS Digital.

The 2011 Census published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), is the gold standard for ethnicity recording in England and Wales, however as this data is nearly 10 years old and may no longer reflect the ethnic breakdown of the current population NHS Digital have amalgamated ethnic category data from Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) and GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research COVID (GDPPR-COVID) to provide a near population (England only) level view of ethnic category. The use of the underlying dataset is limited to COVID planning and research purposes due to the legal basis under which the data is collected.

Note: CCG mergers occurring in April 2021 may have affected coverage and may make it unsuitable to make comparisons to previous publications. Further information on the CCG mergers can be found in the related links section below.

Note: Due to the timeliness of data collection and updates to the ethnicity asset which underlies this management information, there will be no fortnightly update on 7th October 2021. Fortnightly publications will resume on 14th October 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We aim to publish this MI every fortnight adding a new xls file to the zip file to reflect the most recent GDPPR reporting period end date.

Ethnic Category Coverage MI zip file

This file contains several xls files which each contain the ethnicity coverage management information from the most recent reporting period end date, and all previously published files.

Fortnightly MI xls files

Each xls file contains data on ethnic category coverage and breakdowns by CCG, and a national coverage comparison to the 2 previous reporting period end dates. All previous xls files are included within the zip file to allow further comparison.

The most recent data is for the reporting period end date 2021-12-13

which was published on 13th January 2022

Last edited: 11 January 2022 9:32 am