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Antenatal booking appointments

Personalised Care and Support Plans (PCSP) metrics removed

Following feedback received, the decision has been taken to revise the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) Maternity Incentive Scheme Safety Action 2 criteria relating to Personalised Care and Support Plans (PCSP). Due to this revision the existing metrics relating to PCSP have been removed from this publication series. Guidance on the new criteria and timescales for assessment will be released in the next update to the Maternity Incentive Scheme year 4 guidance and reflected in this publication series once available.

16 December 2021 09:30 AM

Antenatal booking appointments

Gestational age at booking appointment

At the booking appointment, the woman will be given information relating to the baby's development stages, nutrition and screening tests available.
NICE recommends that this appointment should ideally take place before 10 weeks' gestation.

57% of booking appointments were at or before 10 weeks' gestation.

Booking after more than 20 weeks of pregnancy accounted for 8% per cent of booking appointments.

Smoking Status of Women at booking appointment

Smoking during pregnancy, or living with someone who smokes, can affect the baby both before and after birth.

At the time of their booking appointment, 12% of women with a recorded smoking status were smokers, and 88% were non-smokers.

Of all women 56% had a recorded smoking status.

Complex social factors

13% of women attending a booking appointment had complex social factors recorded

Women with complex social factors may need additional support to use antenatal care services. 7,050 women attending a booking appointment had complex social factors recorded and 44,530 had a recording of no complex social factors. The remaining women did not have a complex social factor recorded.

Personalised care

The NHS Long Term Plan and the accompanying guidance, Universal Personalised Care, made commitments to delivering choice and personalisation in maternity services, complimenting the recommendations in the national maternity review, Better Births

When a Personalised Care and Support Plan (PCSP) has been agreed, this should be recorded and submitted.

116 trusts have reported that PCSPs are in place for a total of 82,335 women. This is 1 more trust than in the previous month.

Last edited: 15 December 2021 3:13 pm