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Maternity Services Monthly Statistics - July 2021, experimental statistics

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Measures file

Please note that the following measures have been reissued following an update to their methodology. It was found that a small volume of data for some providers was included in the numerator where it should have been excluded. The impact of this is a small reduction in the rate for the affected providers:

  • PCSP_All_Pathways and supporting data quality measure: PCSP_DQ04
  • CQIMSmokingDelivery and supporting data quality measures: CQIMDQ06 and CQIMDQ07

10 December 2021 09:30 AM


Gestation length at birth

7% of babies were born premature

Preterm' births are babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. The mortality rate is higher for babies born preterm, and babies also have increased rates of disability. NICE recommends that pregnant women at increased risk of preterm labour should be given information about the potential signs and symptoms.

Delivery method

The decision on the method of delivery should take into account women's needs and preferences. Caesarean sections can be performed electively, or as an emergency where it is clinically required.

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