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Learning Disability Services Quarterly Statistics - England Commissioner Census (Assuring Transformation) - Quarter 4 2014/15, Experimental Statistics

Official statistics
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01 Feb 2015 to 31 Mar 2015


This statistical release relates to the position at the end of March for patients with learning disabilities receiving inpatient care commissioned by the NHS in England.

The release comprises:

  • This report;
  • Reference data tables showing England level data;
  • Tableau data visualisation tool showing data at; England, regional, Area Team, Specialist Commissioning Team (SCT), and Clinical commissioning Group (CCG) level;
  • A machine readable CSV file containing England, regional, Area Team, SCT and CCG level data;
  • A Metadata file to support the CSV file;
  • Constructions for the reference data tables.

This is the first quarterly report. Data has previously been released on a monthly basis.

Key Facts

Data collected at the end of Quarter 4 2014/15 (end of March) show that:

  • 2,395 patients were in hospital at the end of the quarter;
  • 165 CCGs/SCTs had updated information by the end of the quarter;
  • 47 CCGs/SCTs did not update any information or confirm that currently held information was correct by the end of quarter;
  • 9 CCGs/SCTs have never submitted data as they have not had a patient in scope of this collection since the transfer to HSCIC.

During Quarter 4 2014/15:

  • There were 105 admissions to hospital;
  • There were 180 discharges from hospital;
  • There were 25 admissions and discharges.

Note: This is not a complete quarter. Only data for February and March were available. Prior to this data were collected by NHS England but have not been included in this analysis due to methodology changes.

Data is also available to be viewed using the data visualisation tool Tableau


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