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Learning Disability Services Monthly Statistics - Commissioner census (Assuring Transformation), February 2015, Experimental Statistics

Official statistics, Experimental statistics
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Regions, Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Trusts
Date Range:
01 Feb 2015 to 28 Feb 2015


This statistical release makes available the most recent data relating to patients with learning disabilities receiving in-patient care commissioned in England. The release comprises:

- This Executive Summary which presents England level analysis of key measures;

- A monthly CSV file which presents key measures at England level;

- A metadata file to accompany the CSV file, which provides contextual information for each measure.

This release also contains a standalone analysis examining the similarities and differences between the Learning Disabilities Census  and Assuring Transformation collections. The analysis compared data from the same point in time for both collections (30 September 2014) by linking the respondents using NHS number to determine which patients were returned in each collection. 

This is the first release in a series of monthly statistics from a new 'Assuring Transformation' collection by the Health and Social Care Information Centre; these data were previously collected and published by NHS England on a quarterly basis.


Data collected at the end of February 2015 show that:

  • 1,675 patients were receiving this type of in-patient care;
  • 161 commissioners provided information and 60 commissioners did not provide information.

During February 2015:

  • There were 30 admissions to this type of in-patient care setting;
  • There were 75 discharges/transfers from the patient's current in-patient care setting.


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