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Learning disabilities health check scheme, England, Quarter 3, 2016-17

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01 Oct 2016 to 31 Dec 2016


Learning disabilities health check scheme, England, Quarter 3, 2016-17

Key Facts

  • Data were collected from 89.89 per cent of all practices that were open and active at any point in the reporting year to date
  • 34,940* patients aged 14 years or over on practices' agreed learning disabilities registers received a learning disability health check in the reporting quarter (these patients had not received a health check in a previous quarter in this financial year)

*There are known data quality issues associated with these data. These are detailed in the Excel workbook.

The following datasets also related to patients with learning disabilities. Please note that the data are not comparable between datasets (owing to differences in source, coverage, definition and purpose, for example).

Related publications

Quality and outcomes framework (QOF) - primary care
This framework rewards GP practices for the provision of quality care, including establishing and maintaining a learning disabilities register. This dataset has a very high coverage of GP practices across England, making the register a highly robust resource.
Health and care of people with learning disabilities - primary care
The largest ever collection of data on the health and care of people with learning disabilities, this publication provides insight into key health issues for people who are recorded by their GP as having a learning disability, and comparative data about a control group who are not recorded by their GP as having a learning disability. 
Adult social care outcomes framework (ASCOF) - social care
The ASCOF measures how well care and support services achieve the outcomes that matter most to people. Two of the ASCOF measures relate to adult social care users with learning disabilities; 1E and 1G. Measure 1E looks at the proportion of adults with a learning disability in paid employment and 1G looks at the proportion who live in their own home or with their family. The measures can be accessed via the NHS Digital Indicator Portal, under the 'Social Care" group.  
Mental health services dataset (MHSDS) - secondary care
Data from providers of community and mental health services relating to inpatient care and referrals. Includes breakdowns for those patients with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders.  
Learning disabilities census - secondary care
Annual collection of data from providers of inpatient care for those with learning disabilities in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Superseded by MHSDS collection. 
Assuring transformation - secondary care
Collection of data from commissioners relating to inpatient care for those with learning disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorder. These data were previously published on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, but the quarterly and annual releases have been discontinued. The monthly release is still ongoing and now incorporates some aspects of the quarterly release.



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