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Inpatients Formally Detained in Hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983 - England, 1994-1995 to 2004-2005

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01 Apr 1994 to 31 Mar 2005


This statistical bulletin presents information on uses of the Mental Health Act (and other relevant legislation) in NHS hospitals, including the three high security psychiatric hospitals which are now the responsibility of NHS Trusts, and independent hospitals as defined by the Care Standards Act 2000. The bulletin shows trends, over the last ten years, in admissions to hospital under the Act; admissions are analysed by sex, section of the Act under which patients were detained and category of disorder.


The number of detentions under the Act rose to 46,700 in 2004-05 from 45,700 in 2003-04. Formal admissions rose to 26,800 in 2004-05 from 26,200 in 2003-04, having reached a peak of 26,900 in 1998-99.

94 per cent of all formal admissions in 2004-05 were to NHS hospitals. 89 per cent of all formal admissions were NHS under Part II of the Act.

In 2004-05 there were 18,600 detentions after informal admission to hospital. This compares with 18,200 in 2003-04.

The number of Place of Safety Orders involving assessment in hospital increased by 14 per cent from 4,400 in 2003-04 to 5,100 in 2004-05. This followed an 8 per cent rise in 2003-04 and a 20 per cent rise in 2002-03.

Court and prison disposals were up 4 per cent in 2004-05 compared to 2003-04: a fall by over a fifth since 1994-95.

The rate of detentions in NHS hospitals under the Act (including detentions after admission) in 2004-05 in England was 89 per 100,000 population.

At 31 March 2005, there were 14,700 patients detained in hospital, of which 12,100 were in NHS facilities and 2,500 in independent hospitals.


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