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Hospital Accident & Emergency Activity 2019-20

Official statistics

Summary Reports - High Level

Summary of A&E Attendances

In 2019-20 there were 25 million attendances in Accident and Emergency. This is an increase of 1 per cent compared with 2018-19 and 17 per cent since 2010-11.

The average growth per year over the period since 2010-11 is 2 per cent, compared with the England population average growth of 1 per cent per year over a similar period.

A&E Attendances by Department Type

The proportion of attendances at minor injury units and walk in centres is slowly increasing over time and the proportion of attendances at major A&E departments is slowly decreasing.

In 2010-11 the proportion of attendances at minor injury units and walk in centres was 32 per cent. This has grown to 35 per cent in 2019-20.

Major A&E Consultant Led Departments are Types 1 and 2. Minor Injury Units and Walk In Centres are Types 3 and 4.

A&E Attendances by Age Band

Whilst the volume of attendances has increased between 2010-11 to 2019-20, the age profile of patients attending A&E has remained relatively stable.

From 2010-11 to 2019-20 the proportion of patients aged 65 and over increased the most from 19 per cent to 22 per cent.

The proportion of patients in the 15 to 34 age band decreased the most from 30 per cent to 27 per cent in the same period.

Excludes unknown ages and planned A&E attendances.

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