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HES-MHLDDS Data Linkage Report, Summary Statistics - Jun 15

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01 Jun 2015 to 30 Jun 2015


This is the latest monthly (June 2015) statistical publication in relation to the linked HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) and MHLDDS (Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Data Set) data.
The two data sets have been linked using specific patient identifiers collected in HES and MHLDDS. The linkage allows the data sets to be linked in this manner from 2006-07; however, this report focuses on patients who were present in the two data sets from April 2015.
The bridging file used for this publication was also released on 02 October 2015; it utilises the latest published provisional (Monthly) HES data and year-to-date MHLDDS data relating to June 2015.
The HES-MHLDDS linkage provides the ability to undertake national (within England) analysis along acute patient pathways for mental health and learning disability service users' interactions with acute secondary care.

Key facts

There are approximately 1.19 million individuals who are recorded as being users of Adult Mental Health (MH) and/or Learning Disability (LD) services (within MHLDDS) during the period April 2015 to June 2015 Throughout this report this group will be referred to as service users, the remaining population are therefore referred to as non-service users (meaning they have not accessed MH and/or LD services).


• Of these, approximately 1.16 million MH and/or LD service users are aged 18 or over¹ and can be linked to HES, of this subset in April 2015 to June 2015:


- it is estimated that around 174,000 (or 15 per cent) had at least one inpatient episode of care
- it is estimated that around 537,000 (or 46 per cent) had at least one outpatient appointment
- it is estimated that around 221,000 (or 19 per cent) had at least one A&E attendance
- it is estimated that around 642,000 (or 56 per cent) accessed at least one hospital service (inpatient episodes of care, outpatients appointment or A&E attendance)


Comparing the frequency of access to hospital services (inpatient episodes of care, outpatient appointments or A&E attendances) between service users and non-service users:


• Service users who accessed hospital services during April 2015 to June 2015 did so more frequently, approximately 2.1 times as often, as the corresponding Non service user population.


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