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HES-DID Linkage Report - October 2013 release, Experimental statistics

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01 Apr 2012 to 31 Mar 2013


This is the first statistical publication of linked HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) and DID (Diagnostic Imaging Data set) data held by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. The HES-DID linkage provides the ability to undertake national (within England) analysis along acute patient pathways to understand typical imaging requirements for given procedures, and/or the outcomes after particular imaging has been undertaken, thereby enabling a much deeper understanding of outcomes of imaging and to allow assessment of variation in practice.

This publication aims to highlighted to users the availability of this new linkage and provide users of the data with high level figures with some standard information to assess their analysis approach against.

The DID-HES linked data set covers patients accessing NHS funded services in England who were present in both the HES and DID in the 2012/13 financial year.

Key Facts

There are almost 27 million unique patients who were recorded as having a least one interaction with an NHS Hospital in 2012/13, of these:

  • It was possible to identify 11 million (around 40 per cent) who had at least one imaging procedure
  • Nine million patients were admitted to hospital at least once and of these, five million (58 per cent) had at least one imaging procedure during the year
  • Twelve million patients had at least one accident and emergency attendance and almost six million (around 48 per cent) of these also had at least one imaging procedure during the year
  • Twenty million had at least one outpatient appointment and nine million of these patients (45 per cent) also had at least one imaging procedure in the year


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