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Healthcare Workforce Statistics, March 2016, Experimental

Official statistics, Experimental statistics
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Geographic Coverage:
Geographical Granularity:
Country, Primary Care Organisations, GP practices, Dental practices, Pharmacies and clinics, Regions
Date Range:
30 Sep 2009 to 31 Mar 2016



Statistical change notice:Please note,  From March 2017 onwards, the biannual Healthcare Workforce Statistics publication (one of several workforce reports published in March) will include an additional table for Independent Sector Healthcare Providers with the data split by nationality and staff group. All other tables (split by age, gender, ethnicity and working pattern) will continue to be produced and this extra table is being added in response to user interest.

This is an overview document covering the Healthcare workforce as at 31 March 2016 and refers to those directly employed by the NHS in Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS), those working in the Independent sector and Primary Care staff contracted to the NHS.

More detailed Primary Care staff information (relating to March 2016) is available within a separate publication released on the same day as this report, this is available via the links below.

More detailed data for HCHS staff is published each month, the June 2016 data is published on the same day as this report (see links below) additional quarterly data is included in this month's publication.

We welcome feedback on the methodology and tables within this publication. Please email us with your comments and suggestions, clearly stating Healthcare Workforce as the subject heading, via or 0300 303 5678



This publication shows the latest overall numbers of the NHS Healthcare workforce, including Hospital and Community staff, Primary Care staff and Independent sector staff.


More detailed information on GPs, their staff and NHS HCHS staff are published at the same time and available via the links below


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