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Focus on Accident & Emergency - December 2013

Official statistics
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01 Apr 2004 to 17 Oct 2013


This publication provides a compilation of Accident and Emergency (A&E) data in England, to give a broad picture of the patient journey through A&E.

Multiple sources of A&E data are available nationally, providing information on specific aspects of care.

More information on each data source is provided in the report. A wealth of further information is available through specific, more detailed publications referenced there.

The figures reported here are for England overall. Variation exists locally.

Key Facts

There were 22 million A&E attendances in 2012/13 compared to an estimated 340 million1 GP consultations.

Overall type 1 department attendances have risen slightly above the rate of population increase between 2004/05 and 2012/13.

Type 3 department attendances have risen at 11 times the rate of population increase over this period.

Most type 1 department attendances are for people aged under 40, but the proportion of older attendees has risen.

The pattern of attendance by hour of day has remained consistent.

Due to the way the data are collected there are problems with coverage and content in some areas, notably reason for attending.

While overall attendance figures are published from 2004/05, analysis of the detail making up these numbers is only possible from 2008/09.


1. NHS England, High quality care for all, now and for future generations: Transforming urgent and emergency care services in England - Urgent and Emergency Care Review End of Phase 1 Report, November 2013


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