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Final Seniority Figures for GMS GPs in England 2017-18

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Final Seniority Figures for GMS GPs in England 2017-18

Removal of Wales data

As part of last year’s GMS contract agreement, the Welsh Government have confirmed that seniority payment scales will be frozen, subject to no further uplifts, and will effectively expire over time as the scheme is not open to new entrants. Consequently, unlike previous years, seniority results for Wales are not found in this report.

19 May 2021 16:00 PM


The Final Seniority Figure (FSF) is an earnings benchmark used to determine the level of seniority payment that individual GPs are entitled to each year. The seniority payment that is awarded to an individual GP is dependent on their years of reckonable service in the NHS and their qualifying income fraction.

For GMS contractor GPs:


  • 2017/18 Average superannuable income = £99,995                     
  • 2017/18 Average seniority payment = £3,700
  • 2017/18 Final Seniority Figure = £96,296
  • 2017/18 Interim Seniority Figure = £93,540

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