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Establishment of Memory Services, Provisional Results of a Survey of PCTs - 2011

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Official statistics, Survey
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Primary Care Organisations, Care Trusts
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01 Apr 2008 to 31 Mar 2011


Please note: this publication was amended on 08.08.11 to replace an incorrect web link in the useful links section.

This report provides provisional results of a voluntary survey of PCTs and Care Trusts which commission memory assessment services for dementia and precedes a full report intended for publication later this year. It covers financial spend from 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2011, and implementation of services over this time as well as future plans. Provisional underlying data is available on request subject to standard data access and re-use restrictions.

Key Facts

  • Of respondent organisations, 93 per cent currently commission memory services, with a further 5 per cent intending to implement these services in the future. Thirty two per cent of respondents said that their commissioned memory services were accredited by the National programme, with several further organisations intending to seek accreditation for existing or planned services.
  • Data collected suggests that the average organisational spend on memory services increased from £493,400 in financial year 2008/9 to £601,300 in 2010/11. These figures do not take into account organisation size (in terms of population served).
  • The number of people using memory services increased from an average of 598 per organisation in 2008/9 to 941 in 2010/11.
  • We can estimate that currently an average of 3 memory services are commissioned by each organisation. Responses on planned service roll-out indicate that this may rise to 4 per organisation by the end of financial year 2011/12.
  • Interpretation of the definition of memory service 'unit' by respondents requires some investigation and follow-up in response to feedback received; this will be included in the forthcoming full report based on this survey.


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