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Emergency Department (ED) attendance following Pathways NHS111 calls England, 2018

Experimental statistics


This pilot statistical report presents findings from analysis of Pathways NHS111 calls and Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) linked data for the period 1 January 2018 to 28 December 2018.

NHS 111 provides a number of different services to callers. The majority of calls proceed to triage using NHS Pathways; however, some calls may be directed elsewhere, or may cease prior to triage.

A record of each call triaged using NHS Pathways is submitted to the national Pathways NHS111 data source, held by NHS Digital.

The Pathways-HES linked data asset has been created from two data sources:

i. Data collected from Pathways NHS111 calls where an NHS Number was recorded;

ii. Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data for ED departments and hospital admissions where an NHS Number was recorded.

These two data sources were linked using verified NHS Number. The Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) analysis in this report has been carried out on these linked data.

This report presents findings from the analysis of Pathways NHS111 telephone calls ending in an ED disposition, and subsequent HES ED attendances and hospital admissions.

Pathways NHS111 calls that end in an ED disposition represent a specific subset of all calls handled by the NHS 111 service.

11.8 million calls to NHS 111 in 2018

where an NHS number was recorded in NHS Pathways

1.14 million callers sent to an Emergency Department

9.6% of all patients who called 111 were advised to go to an emergency department

71.9% of patients who were advised to go to an emergency department went within 48 hours

and 13.3% of these patients arriving at emergency departments were admitted

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