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Compendium: Local basket of inequality indicators (LBOI)

Open data
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Local Authorities, Country, Regions, Education Authority, Primary Care Trusts, Wards, Crime & disorder reduction partnership, Clinical Commissioning Groups


This collection of indicators helps organisations measure health and the diverse range of factors which influence health inequalities in their local population, such as unemployment, poverty, crime and education. The indicators were originally created to help Primary Care Trusts and Local Authorities track progress against their local priorities for tackling health inequalities.

The Compendium LBOI set covers the following groups of indicators;

Section 1: Employment, poverty and deprivation,

Section 2: Housing and homelessness,

Section 3: Education,

Section 4: Crime,

Section 5: Pollution and physical environment,

Section 6: Community development,

Section 7: Lifestyle, including diet, smoking and physical activity,

Section 8: Access to local health and other services,

Section 9: Accidents and injury,

Section 10: Mental health,

Section 11: Maternal, infant and child health,

Section 12: Older people,

Section 13: Tackling the major killers,

Indicators stratified by deprivation quintiles and Slope Inequality Index (SII)

Please see the individual publications for information on each set.

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Sally Jones

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