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Deaths within 30 days of emergency admission to hospital: myocardial infarction: indirectly standardised rates, 35-74 years, annual trend, F,M,P


Deaths occurring in hospital and after discharge between 0 and 29 days (inclusive) of an emergency admission to hospital with myocardial infarction.

This indicator is available for males, females and persons at the following breakdowns:


Region of residence

Local authority of residence

County of residence

London authority of residence


Some people with myocardial infarction die before they can be admitted to hospital. There are variations in death rates among those who survive long enough to be admitted. Some of these deaths may be potentially preventable through faster ambulance response time and effective early treatments e.g. thrombolysis. The National Health Service (NHS) may be helped to prevent some of these deaths by seeing comparative figures and learning lessons from follow-up investigations.

The next release date for this indicator is to be confirmed.

Legacy unique identifier: P02162